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Seers-Gate - Seersgate


Journal Notes from a Conditional Prophetic Release

 $9.99 USD (eBook)

 $21.99 USD (Paperback)

Print Length: 433 Pages


Some people would say, "We can hear Yahweh if we listen hard enough and put in our greatest effort." But that way of hoping you can hear conversations with Yahweh is not yielded to the general church way. Yahweh will not talk to all believers like they are in the way of hearing and seeing as a prophet. But what happens when Yahweh brings a new way? Here is a way to see it, a modern-day prophet of old, walking in conversations that even the ones who were in walking plans with Yahweh barely tasted.

Is Seersgate special? No. Yahweh has no favorites. But look at what will bring a level of engagement to hear and deal with Yahweh as if He sits next to you. What is the work of this Seersgate? Her mission will include building healing rooms that carry a potent surging of Yahweh. And bringing this mini book into natural ways is to give a message in the time due before the way manifests. Take a drink in this way as Yahweh yields it.

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