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Learning to See Death - Seersgate


A Prophet's Early Cemetery Training

 $9.99 USD (eBook)

 $17.99 USD (Paperback)

Print Length: 304 Pages


This book is a book of training based on Susanna’s endeavors and is not meant to replace written Scripture from Yahweh.

What would you do if you could see Death? The demon named Death is the literal spirit that is given a governing way to keep all the dead on the earth in the death phase until power in the Great Holy Spirit resurrects them. Death Phase refers to a state of natural death, where the spirit part of the human has been released from the human body and takes the place of location in Heaven or Hell. Even before the noted resurrections of Scripture, power in the Great King Jesus can move forward and bring the dead into living ways.

To invoke Yahweh to raise the dead requires more than Kingdom citizenship. Yahweh will not have His way invoked by every Christian, not when dealing with the Great Holy Spirit’s resurrection power. Let’s take a look at some essential elements Yahweh demands in the process of raising any and every person in death in natural ways.

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