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Early Prophet Training - Seersgate


 $9.99 USD (eBook)

 $21.99 USD (Paperback)

Print Length: 373 Pages


A prophet is a person gifted through Yahweh, enabled to take in spiritual upgrades to carry the weight of work duties that influence territorial realms and regions. Yahweh gives the person called to service a direct impartation to perform work duties relating to their sphere of influence. No one can become a prophet simply by wanting to be one, nor can any church leader impart into their chosen servant a level of power to wage war against Satan in a territorial work as a prophet.


Every prophet undergoes novice training before becoming an actively engaging released prophet in a sphere of influence. The novice work provides tester training, such as engagement with angels, demons, spiritual warfare, and yielding messages from Yahweh, resembling active office work. Take a journey with Seersgate into her season of novice prophet training.

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