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A Message (Age of the Antichrist) - Seersgate

A Message


 $7.99 USD (eBook)

 $13.99 USD (Paperback)

Print Length: 182 Pages

The graphic is the demon "Pure Evil," one of Satan's princes, the demon that will groom the antichrist in the full work.


The Age of the Antichrist is a real era. Will Satan materialize and rule on Earth within a particular season? Can there be a season where Satan reigns without hindering ways? And will Yahweh yield and let Satan bring great destruction and abasement to every super nation, every world leader, and all world powers? The answer is yes.


In this eight-part world-level message, Yahweh shares what is moving into the future. Not only will Satan reign on Earth for a time, but he will also see Grace bring power into the outlets of natural ways and produce a great soul harvest. Healing rooms, world-level shaking—all to prepare the world for the return of Christ.


Foundational Notes: We also include foundational notes to build up the Body of Christ and bring Kingdom order into our daily living.

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